Farlight 84 Philippines Summit gathered the biggest names in gaming and esports media for a night showcasing what the game has to offer in the future—and they are sure geared up for domination.

I did not expect the sharp popularity of Farlight 84 among all of the online games that went popular here in the Philippines. A multi-platform game—released April this year and available on Android, iOS and the PC (and recently through Steam)—is gradually gaining traction. The latest SteamDB numbers show that the game has an all-time peak of 41,396 from 2 months ago.

When I was in Baguio for an abrupt FOMO-killing visit to Hobby Exposure Convention, one of the guests, Solibeau, dressed up as Maggie, one of the heroes in the game. A week after, I visited PGDX and saw the game’s huge presence there, bringing along cosplayers Jane Yu and Rei Na. Then the Summit happened another week after that, which brings us to what happened last Thursday.

The Farlight 84 Philippines Summit, aside from being held physically at The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan in Bridgetowne, Quezon City, was also streamed live on Facebook. Long story short, the event showcased what the game’s dev are cooking.

Farlight 84 by the numbers

Farlight 84 Philippines Summit - by the numbers
  • At the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit, the devs takes pride in having over 30 million players worldwide with over 1 million daily active users in the country.
  • The game is ranked top in App Store and Google Play store in multiple markets. More than 3,000 creators (40 of which have millions of followers) are playing the game.
  • Over 200 team members are scattered throughout the United States, Singapore and Shanghai deploying constant game updates—such as new hero updates, seasons and battle pass skins every month; as well as new maps, weapons, vehicles and game modes every 6 months.
  • The devs are committed to responding to player feedback within 3 days, implementing player feedback in-game within a month and constantly collecting feedback from the community every day. They also have zero tolerance against cheating as they commit to a fair play system, implementing anti-cheat measures (this year, they currently banned 44,000 attempts).
  • As mentioned earlier, Farlight 84 is available on mobile and the PC, but at the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit, they announced game ports for Nintendo Switch this year, as well as the PlayStation 5 and XBox the following year.

Updates for Farlight 84 the Philippines

Farlight 84 Philippines Summit - Offline Campaigns
  • A new Filipino hero is set to be revealed late October this year. New hero skin for the Philippines is also in the works.
  • The game’s promo strategy involves offline presence, as well as hyperlocal and cybercafe collaborations. Collaborations with artists Ella Cruz and SB19’s Josh and Justin are on the way.
    • Ella expressed her excitement with her Farlight 84 collab which includes a battle emote, brand film, and a dance clip which will also be shown in-game. “I’m really thankful for this opportunity, and of course it brings me immense pride to be the brand ambassador; and for the collaboration of Farlight 84—diving head-first into heart-pounding excitement of one of the Philippines’ most beloved FPS games. As a player myself, I’m thrilled by the positive impact Farlight 84 is bringing to the Filipino gaming community.”
    • SB19’s Josh and Justin sent a video message, telling the audience that they are enjoying the game even when they’re on tour.
  • The Farlight 84 Philippines Summit also featured their collaborations with TNC Cyber Cafe, content creators and the collegiate esports scene. On top of these, they are working on holding a 2024 World Cup in line with their vision of building a sustainable and long-term esports ecosystem.

Thoughts on Farlight 84 as a non-gamer

Farlight 84 Philippines Summit - Characters

Yes, you saw it right, I don’t play games (but let me be clear that I’m looking into an intellectual property first for its character designs)—I am of course attracted to Maggie and the way she was developed as a character: She’s got pizza time, she sidelines as an influencer, but more importantly I see her as the D.Va of current time with these characteristics. I hope we’re on the same page on this.

Moving forward, we will yet see how Farlight 84 will fare well with other FPS games. It’s the best time to try the game now and see for yourself why this game is played by tens of thousands of people globally.

Given that there are few VTubers playing the game at the moment, it may also be the right time to see if the so-called “Apex Legends for kids” can be a hit with the VTuber culture (and I encourage you to try playing it now on stream with chat, the devs could be watching you guys for suggestions on improving the game).

Again, Farlight 84 is available on Steam—and as my good friend Nico of Exosia Project showed to me, it’s playable on the Steam Deck starting this month. Thank you to the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit, CBZN Perspective and Chad for the invitation.

Photos from the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit