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(Originally published on Deremoe on October 9, 2014.)

We got interested with this Facebook page that also contributed to raising the issue of the “No Ticket, No Entry” policy that we have talked about weeks ago, and it goes by the name of JejeCostplayer PH. I was able to talk to the main guy behind it, Pepeng Chaika, a week before Best of Anime 2014. I was supposed to post the transcript verbatim but I decided to let the whole world know that this guy exists.

When did the JejeCostplayer PH Facebook page started, and how was it conceptualized?

I’m seeing a lot of bullsh*ttry in the Cosplay community these days; the ones that makes you speak the vulgarity no matter how kind you are. Regardless of what I post on my Facebook wall, nobody notices, because I am only an individual that posts his own status update. So I thought I’ll make a page instead.

The name should be catchy if possible to get the audience that I need for me to be heard. It was supposed to be a hobby, just for fun. If noticed, its format is similar to the Teenage Pinoy Crap and the Put*ngIna mo din Facebook pages, because I agree in their format. People will not learn if you make sweet talk. they are tougher nowadays so you need to throw a tougher stone for them to wake them up; something that will really hurt them if that’s possible.

Who is Pepeng Chaika?

It’s Pepeng Chaika. In short, it’s José Rizal with Chaika’s face applied into it; I placed Chaika’s face because hers is trending. Rizal is our national hero. Nationalistic. Filipino. Then Chaika comes in, bringing in the Otaku sense. If you mix them both, it’s feels funny but the meaning is whole. [The JejeCostplayer Facebook page] is a Filipino page about a part of the Otaku community, specifically — or mostly about — the Cosplay community.

What is your opinion in Cosplay in the Philippines?

It’s crap. SUPER CRAP. Way back then, Cosplayers had to effort because they have no wig at that time. Nowadays, you can buy one and voila! Effortless. It’s all about the cash, looks and sexiness. Sometimes they look like fools but they aren’t even noticing because their fapatics are fueling them.

Seriously, once that the youth Cosplays, they get addicted. Cosplay is the only thing that are thinking about; not what the quiz for tomorrow is, but what wig they will buy. Cosplay is a hobby, not an addiction. It is supposed to satisfy yourself after a hardwork but it is different nowadays. Cosplayers are now fighting each other. [The sight of ] it hurts. They are simply overreacting, complaining and such.

I don’t even know if their parents are guiding them or they don’t want to be guided because they have been over with Anime, always feeling like a hero. But maybe, we don’t know if our community will be sorted out. If ever it is sorted out in the future, then good. But from what I see now? Nah. They also undermine each other. They’re also cheapskates and they don’t help each other. They’re being selfish.

But according to the book The Prince (if you have read it), for the community to be fixed, it has to be destroyed to start a new one. It’s like Lelouch’s [Lamperouge, Code Geass] peg. But in the excessive immaturity of the community today? Even if you ask to ban Cosplay, there will still be people who will react; and they will still react. I don’t really know, but I can’t say anything positive about our Cosplay community; but I still don’t lose hope.

I have a follow-up: If you will see one day that the Cosplay community will be better — no royalty, no mainstream touch, just the basics — will you disappear?

It’s basically impossible, as in; it’s NONE, actually. But if it ever occurred that there is a .00000000001% of a possibility that it could happen, I think I won’t disappear. In any case that I disappear, there will be someone who will follow me, and id that someone disappears, there will still be another one. This is because the purpose of my page is not just to criticize, to entertain and to preach. There is no limit to man’s desire to entertain and preach.

One more thing — I’ll give you a list of names. Tell me what do you feel about them.

Alodia Gosiengfiao. — I don’t feel her. She has the same face for each of her Cosplays, no offense; but her Alice in Wonderland Cosplay is cute. Also, I’ve noticed before that she doesn’t dance well; watch her Hare Hare Yukai dance. Now, woah, she has an album and she knows how to pose well!

Myrtle Gail Sarrosa. — I don’t like to watch TV, but one time I saw her and I am nauseated with her acting and even singing. It’s good that Channel 2 [ABS-CBN] got her as a talent. Her Cosplays are so-so; and when she was not that famous, she was interviewed on Hero TV, with [dental] braces attached at that time. She said that she doesn’t know what character she is Cosplaying… something like that.

Jin Joson. — Her Kenshin looks cool.

Mike Abundo. — He’s known as a pervert right? What about him? I don’t give a damn about him :’))Though if you are desperate to be popular, you know who to stick to. Just make sure you are a girl.

Cosplay.ph. — Too much Reika and Kaname. [Editor’s note: It is noted that Pepeng Chaika has offended fans of Reika after Cosplay Mania has been held.]

Don Robert Torio. — It’s [the] Iron Man [Cosplayer].

Christian Umali. — These guys [Don Robert and Christian] are comrades, right? Anyways,I usually see him with his armor which has moving accessories [War Machine]. I haven’t talked to him personally. To be honest, I’m had difficulty on what to discuss with them, because I am losing interest to them. So I pretty much think to myself. Powerful, eh.