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The anime event of 2016. Period.

I thought of posting a big photo collection from this event held last October 15 and 16 at SMX Manila, but this one’s so good that I might as well discuss my best moments from there.

Animax’s Anime Lineup: These boards served as sources of information on Animax’s lineup, and as backdrop for cosplayers and photographers.

One ticket, two days

I’ve never expected something like this can happen in the country’s local anime convention scene: One ticket is good for two days (you’ll be hearing more and more of this phrase so bear with me for a moment). This seems too good to be true, but it was possible! Rather, they made this possible! I’d like to attribute this factor to Animax’s parent company Sony Pictures Entertainment’s generosity.

Travelogue and Scavenger Hunt

I love how they design the event’s activities — you will be given a travelogue that serves as a checklist, and pnce you’ve completed it you can redeem good stuff. On Day 1, I completed the tasks and was able to get up close with ELISA for a quick meet-and-greet.

Too bad that this method was so effective they had to turn the activity on Day 2 into a scavenger hunt where we have to get one of 100 stickers scattered around the area. This shows how excited we are waiting for May’n to come over; it was not the kind of “war” I’m expecting in the queue, but still, gg me.

Legit Anison Karaoke: Part of the travelogue is to sing at the Karaoke booth. Since I’m not that confident enough to sing Japanese, I sang to the tune of “Fly me to the Moon.”


I was able to see ELISA up close and I got a signed copy of her poster that I’m planning to frame already (It’s so precious, yo.) “Thank you, and welcome to Manila,” I said to her.

  • ELISA’s musical inspirations is more on classical music, which is a no-brainer as she sings opera-esque songs.
  • She likes Kare-kare (peanut paste curry) and salted egg

ELISA, during the brief stage interview done in the afternoon of Day 1.

ELISA had a groufie with the audience afterwards, and while it was sad that only half of my face as been seen in the photo posted on Facebook, it’s still my face that was there. I made it there, up close!

  • yanaginagi has been looking forward to come to the country.
  • On travelling to different places: “As I travel, I love looking through the scenery and the people, and these inspire me to compose songs.”
  • On singing and composing: “I love doing both as it makes obth sides of the brain work.”
  • On Oregairu: “I pick Yui (Yuigahama) as she has a personality that is opposite of me.”
  • She likes turon, which are fried banana wraps (I hope I described this well).
May’n, during her brief interview on the afternoon of Day 2.
  • May’n wants to be the “main act,” and she tries her best.
  • During the time of the audition for the singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome, she describes the character as someone who has a “sexy charisma,” saying that “this character’s very cool.”
  • She wants to go to the beach (or Cebu), but since hse just got in the country, she wants to shop.
  • Being the ambassador of taiyaki, she was looking forward to a taiyaki stall in the country.
  • Please support May’n more if you want her to do a one-man live in the country.
  • Message to her fans before the Day 2 concert: “Finally, we were able to meet in the Philippines. I’m so excited! Are you ready?”
[L-R] This writer, Rin, Jello, Envy, JCo, Francis and Pau inside the Maid Cafe.

Maid Cafe

Going into Day 2: While I didn’t get the opportunity to get up close with May’n, I was invited to a friends-only session of the Maid Cafe by head butler Envy. This is my first time to be served at a maid cafe (the last time I walked inside was in Otaku Expo 2010 when I took a photo with Alodia).

At the table where I was seated were my friend JCo and newfound comrade Francis. Jello came to the table halfway.

We are served by maids Rain and Pau who gave us Oo-kun cookies and a matcha cheesecake, both of which are delicious. Hey, the cookies go well with the tea they had.

Aside from us, known personalities in the community are also invited to this session. The atmosphere is great — I was attached to it and I saw myself not speaking in vernacular most of the time, spewing stock anime/seiyuu trivia on the side.

We had games as well — stacking cat, Hard Gay exploding barrel, and exploding Pocky. We tried all of these games with the maids and against each other. I won against Rain in the barrel game after two turns, so I got the opportunity to take a picture inside.

Since I was enjoying the conversation with others greatly, I opted for that great group photo taken by one of the maids.

Meeting comrades during this session, drinking cups of tea and playing games. We were part of a brief yet great meetup.


I made it a point to savor the benefits of the ticket by going to the concerts on both days, and I made a good decision. I am swaying back and forth, joining others in the concert area. The VIP area is as wild as always, with most of them changing their sticks’ colors from red, blue to green and so on.

On Day 1, ELISA showed her vocal prowess that made me appreciate her more with tunes such as Dear My FriendREALISM (Kakumeiki Valvrave) and God only knows. Her songs are solemn yet it packs quite a punch.

yanaginagi (whom the fans have been looking forward to more) belted out her notable songs including both opening themes for the two seasons of My Teenage RomCom SNAFU and the ending theme for Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya.

…and we were somehow drowning ourselves in a sea of light sticks mostly lit in green.

“I want to know more about the culture of the Philippines,” she said during one of her MC breaks in the concert.

On Day 2, Ami Wajima (or Waji as she wants to be referred to) belted an anison medley of popular anime such as The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaNoragami Aragoto and Attack on Titan. Of course, she sang her songs from The Lost Village and Kuromukuro.

Waji hypes up the concert just right for the main event.

Powerhouse. This scene from the concert at Day 2 shows how happy the audience is after waiting for so long to see May’n in person.

“[…] Tonight, let’s sing and dance together and have a great memory!”

After the long wait, “Finally, finally, I’m in the Philippines! Tonight, let’s sing and dance together and have a great memory!”

This is what May’n said to the audience as she shows a powerhouse performance (complete with backup dancers) expressed from the bottom of her heart, with tunes from her days as Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier), from Shangri-LaAccel World and more.

To cap it off, she had the audience join her in singing her last song. “We are all under the same sky” — May’n believes that wherever we are, music connects us together.

Every artist who sang in the stage has the same sentiments: This is their first time to set foot in the country, they enjoyed the time spent with everyone, and they are looking forward to come back to do another concert.


Cosplayers, take a look at the photos I took from both days in random order. You’re free to get it as long as you attribute it to me or this website. Thank you very much!

Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 will go down in history as one of the best events, and I am one with everyone who are definitely looking forward for their next run. Thanks Animax!

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