It’s been four years since the last Anime Idol Convention was held, and this year’s comeback spelled the return of the presence of anime idol fans to the stage.

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Several factors came into play for the positive return of AICon this year:

  • First, the cloudy weather matched with the cold temperatures we are facing at the moment (I am grateful it did not rain at all).
  • Second, the new venue at Elements at Eton Centris, which a short distance away from the Quezon Avenue MRT Station.
  • Third, is the overall reception of fans and performers alike, understanding that all of them have been waiting for this moment to come once again.
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I have been waiting for the return of AICon too – last time (2020), I had to substitute someone to produce a video feature for the said event. Now that I’m back on solo flight, I am more than happy to be present there.

I landed at the venue at exactly 4pm, two hours before the event closes. Just outside the venue, I see fans adorned in the costumes of their favorite anime idols. Some have already catched up to the current LoveLive! meta like the ones dressed as the characters from Hasunosora.

IMG20240127160916 scaled

I only have three things in mind beside my participation as media for AICon 2024:

  1. Meet the organizers at Pygmalia who continues to reach out to keepsakes. to cover this event despite my deeper inclination to VTubers (they are the same minds behind the ONLive Convention which also received positive reception as one of the rare VTuber-focused events worldwide next to Thailand’s V-FESTA and the pioneering OffKai Expo).
  2. Make sure to capture photos of a COMPLETE ChamJam (OshiBudo) cosplay group because I do not want to miss this RARE opportunity of seeing a complete cosgroup from one of my Winter 2020 sleeper hit favorites.
  3. Support NIKO LAB, who I treat as a successor to numerous anime idol cover groups such as Aquarius and the Alliance of Limitless Idols Connecting Everyone, aka AliPro (or as I call it, Alyansa).

I did mention earlier that I came in late, but I was just in time to complete this checklist. I have several short videos in mind, which I plan to release soon.

Moving back, I met once again the people I know from the anime idol fandom, such as this rice knight whom I will hide under the name Robin Emblem. He looked like the same rice knight I knew from years ago.

I also went ahead and met the titas of Seishun Kakumei who always looked like the titas I knew from way back then.

I made sure that I get to capture cosplay photos of anime idols as much as possible, including what was left of the A-RISE group (LoveLive!) and THE iDOLM@STER SIDE M delegation.

AICON 2024 6.jpg

Despite such nostalgia, other matters were also present at AICon 2024, such as the presence of Yume Shou dressed as characters from fan-favorite idol drama anime Oshi no Ko, as well as the impending closure of the LoveLive! School idol festival game with a three-month send-off for the global audience.

AICON 2024 8.jpg

With all the factors mentioned, I made my AICon 2024 experience a memorable keepsake which i will carry in speech and prose. Thank you everyone for making another milestone in local fan history.

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More photos from AICon 2024 on Facebook, check the album and see if I got you captured.