Anime Idol Convention, an event which fused anime and idol culture, is coming back this 2024! AiCon showcases the idol culture that catches the interests of the country’s anime audience. This event features activities which gather fans, such as cosplay, singing and dance contests plus an artist alley filled with fan-made merchandise from various mixed-media franchises.

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As long as you are a fan of anime idols, you are welcome here! Bring your love and passion for your anime oshi to the AiCon stage. Scouts (judges) will be present to determine whose star shines brightest, giving that idol-like vibe, which you only see in the stories you love.

The first two AiCons were held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City in January 2019 and March 2020, gathering hundreds of cosplayers, fans and aspiring idol groups. Whether you’re a veteran of simulation arcade games or a budding mobile game fan, feel free to join the AiCon crowd for a one-day extravaganza.

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Look forward to the next edition of Anime Idol Convention this 2024—follow Pygmalia and AiCon on Facebook, as well as AiCon on Twitter.

This event is organized by Pygmalia, home to concepts such as Primo Stella and ONLive Con.