On this special two-hour podcast episode: I spoke to my good friends in Indonesia, Halimun Muhammad (Senior Editor at KAORI Nusantara‘s The Indonesian Anime Times) and Luthfi Suryanda Atmojo (Podcaster, LUTALK / Collaboration Manager, Ghosty’s Comic) to discuss Anime, Manga and Japanese Pop Culture in Indonesia.

I’ve been talking about Indonesia on the blog before, so this is a great opportunity and a step forward towards more interaction with one of the largest consumers of Japanese pop culture in Southeast Asia.

Listen to the episode now on Anchor, Spotify or wherever you listen to:

It took us almost the whole night talking about Anime, Manga and Japanese pop culture in Indonesia, and I felt that it was worth it.

After a detailed description on how Anime and Manga came to Indonesia, I am treated to a fun discussion, as well as VTuber references.

At the end, I am looking forward to continue talking to my Indonesian friends about their wide VTuber culture.