#CEBUkeepsakes2019 features my first visit to Cebu’s Otakufest plus a visit to the recently-opened Moe Moe Kyun Restaurant

To cap off my journey in Cebu from February 23 to 25, 2019, I’m making this post to share to you the content I produced:


We’ll start with the podcasts as these are the first ones that I processed (also probably the fastest):

This may not count as Otakufest content but this marked my second trip to Cebu City. I’m with Serena of The Lily Cat in the airport when we recorded this episode.

Gary Montejo joins us in this two-part post-event series to describe the whole event — and in line with my tradition to make this podcast the most immersive casual podcast around, we started recording from the taxi queue all the way to Jollibee at Super Metro Besak.


After Otakufest, me, Serena and cosplayer/FX makeup artist Chey Adamson met at Moe Moe Kyun Restaurant for lunch. It’s as if we are the Buena manoguests for that day, just a few days short of their grand opening.

I produced two videos from this restaurant: A feature on the restaurant itself and a feature on Chey.

As for the features inside Otakufest, I got to talk to Joemar Ansiso of Atomik Jelly, Cebu’s latest independent comic anthology.

Now, what I’ve just shown to you this time is a product of a prepared concept and the skills I learned editing videos. This one was done just through one phone camera — the Redmi 6A. Having applied the skills I learned in the past, I’m much more confident to conceptualize videos like this.

Of course, there’s a supercut where I show what I did in the past two days — and look, I also sought to ask.


By far I’ve written four stories (mostly about Otakufest but I’m looking forward to writing about the newly-opened Moe Moe Kyun Restaurant too):