Anime x Angas Illegal vs Legal Streaming

Once upon a time, I was invited to join a Discord server called “Anime x Angas,” who was at that time looking for guest panelists. Last Sunday, they figured out that they’ll be busy going to ESGS this weekend (I will also be there!), so they called for everyone who was available.

I was about to hit the sack, but I figured why not join them for a discussion until I pass out (I did pass out). This episode of Anime x Angas deals with me challenging the middlemen of the anime industry, and trying to change the narrative on how we can support this industry.

Like a guy with a tinfoil hat and some conspiracy theories, I rambled about the following points:

  • Recognizing Osamu Tezuka for building a process, a supply chain, that the anime industry still follows to this day, while lambasting him for the reason why animators’ labor was cheap (you can fact-check me on this point);
  • Understanding that there are middlemen who help promote each anime series to popularity—this is where production committees and publishers come in, and each title need the likes of them—while also criticizing the way they profit from each title while animators earn a bit less (you can fact-check me on this as well);
  • Laying out a working business model where anime fans keep watching a title on ad-supported legal platforms and let licensors earn so they can acquire more new titles (which I presented in 2020, so most likely there’s newer information after this);
  • Why are we still paying fees for multiple streaming providers plus a decent, working internet connection when this goes far away from the spirit of cord-cutting (I’m looking at you, exclusive-licensed anime titles);
  • How illegal streaming sites do not contribute at all by earning profits for themselves to augment their hosting bills (look at those ads which are not from Google AdSense, y’all); and
  • How I stray away from actually discussing the actual topic of “Illegally watching vs Paying for a Subscription” which I chose among several topics the show is offering.

Listen to the episode below and let’s start a wider conversation.

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