Following the mention of a mini-project that I did during the first day of Cosplay Mania, I am showing you six hours’ worth of output featuring questions such as:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who are you cosplaying?, and
  3. Who are you on weekdays.

The third question is the important part of the series.

This is part of a project that Kelly蔡 did, and that project inspired me to do this quick series. While we didn’t get to ask a lot of people, it’s still worth to note that we were able to do this at a time where cosplayers are busy doing their stuff.

As with most cosplay communities overseas, many were students either from junior high or senior high to college, but nevertheless they still get to enjoy cosplaying. This is youth, my friends.

Thanks to Allineus and Emile from Whatsageek for helping me make this idea real, and also to Naru and Eponine for supporting me in the process.