Long time no see, everyone. If you haven’t caught up with me, I left Anime Corner last July due to differences in editorial direction. I have decided to pursue my interest in VTuber culture on another platform. Starting today, I am now part of Kawa Entertainment, writing content for its new initiative VTuber NewsDrop.

That’s more or less the official statement, and I will not entertain any further questions.

Allow me to use this space to write about my transition, as well as the stuff that happened to me at the sidelines.

We wound up our Weekly VTuber News Round-Up on Anime Corner in just one Discord call with my colleague and recruit Teddy Cambosa. I always give the credit of coining the idea to Teddy, who has the same level of enthusiasm in VTubers as mine. We take turns doing the weeklies, which proved to be a comprehensive rundown of what happened in the community every week. I mostly spend half a day writing the actual round-up, curated from a week’s worth of news items.

I remember writing about Brave Group’s acquisition of VSPO and Palette Project, back-to-back with ANYCOLOR’s IPO day, and that’s my proudest work to date. With my entry at NewsDrop, I am looking forward to reinstating this series soon.

As for Teddy, he’s happy writing anime news and general VTuber content for AC, and I’m happy that he found motivation there.

Following the end of the Round-Up, I took a break to focus on real-life matters: That month, we had four events in the metro, one of which is TOYCON PH 2022 where I am tasked to manage an important part of. Thank God it went well, and I learned a lot from that experience. Last time I staffed for TOYCON (2019), I was a wreck at the end. I shall treat my experience this year as a closure to what happened before.

After two events following TOYCON, I burned myself out, so I didn’t attend this year’s ACX. But I had a commitment I can’t miss, so I hailed a bike ride on what happens to be a rainy night on Saturday (and thank goodness I am given a disposable parka and I brought an extra shirt with me, because I was wet from belt down).

I instead enjoyed a private Anikura session with friends. That’s when I got my first taste of the Uma Musume Zone energy drink, which is delicious. I miss these kinds of sessions.

Did I forgot to mention we twerked to Diamond City Lights? That was a banger.

A week after was CONQuest 2022. Aside from it being my last gig at Anime Corner, I got the opportunity to meet Bao the Whale. Bao and Senz mark the second time an international VTuber reached the Philippines—first was Mirai Akari at CosMania 2019.

I had no idea what to give Bao at that time, so I whipped up Canva and prepared a certificate, which reads:

Thank goodness I am able to print the certificate at the mall beside the event venue.

It was a gesture of appreciation, which I trust in my heart that Bao accepted happily.

After my exit at AC, I spent more time making videos, starting with the recent Otasuke Cosplay Festival JapaNight Party and the Star Guardian Art School vlogs. I also went to AniCon in San Juan last weekend, but I’ll share the edited video once I finish other matters. As I write this diary, I do not want to think about work (work is work and keepsakes. is a hobby), so I’ll touch grass and go to Cafe Teyvat today next week.

As these events were happening, I prepared for NewsDrop, writing short news stories from time to time.

Remember the time Anime Corner opened doors for VTuber news and feature writers? That’s how I got this VTuber named Monty Seelana. His contributions for Anime Corner include the first fan convention for VTubers overseas, OffKai Expo, as well as an interview with indie VTubers Lucastre Mavia, Akumako Rei and Fuwako Yuni (which you can read here).

Fast forward, it was Monty, now a manager at Kawa, who coined the idea of having its news section and inviting me to the fold, leading to the development of NewsDrop. I am coordinating with Kawa in developing this news site, and I look forward to hitting the gas again—this time, I felt I’m much closer to the community.

Look forward to the VTuber stuff I will share on NewsDrop soon.

I’m also interested in Logos, so when my good friend Matthew was building his website Brandihan, I signed up. Our recent posts include SM’s new branding which is now applied to its malls nationwide, as well as GCash’s new app interface. Go check our pieces there if you are also keen on logos and branding.