Following my trip to the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit, the fast-paced hero battle royale is now available for download for the PC through Steam.

Farlight 84, a new star on the FPS game genre, reports that it has received 10 million downloads worldwide, a huge milestone during its early access phase. Farlight 84 brings a fresh take on the battle royale and shotting game segment by putting emphasis on high mobility, player abilities and teamwork.

The FPS game has a diverse set of characters each with their own unique set of skills offering offensive, defensive and supportive capabilities for the team. Players also master a range of vehicles and gadgets to help them dodge opponent attacks and gain advantage in battles. Its progressions system rewards and boosts each character’s abilities based on how long they have survived or how they are taking over the battlefield.

Farlight 84 as a cross-platform game is continuously being updated to ensure that it will bring optimum fairness to players, especially on the PC. Play the game on your mobile device or the PC with just one account.

“As a team, we continually strive for excellence, curating engaging and localized gaming experiences that resonate deeply with players. Our collaborations have brought fruitful and meaningful results, amplifying our mission to take gaming to new heights,” Nelson Woon, Senior Director of Global Publishing at FARLIGHT 84, said.

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