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From Video to Audio

Long time no story — I mean, long time no stories.

You noticed that I’m less into writing posts and more into podcasting nowadays.

I told you that I lost my digicam — that digicam that I have been using to make videos — somewhere, so there was no video about Cosplay Carnival from me.

Weeks after that, I rediscovered Anchor and from there I started making podcasts once more.

So far, I have released three podcast episodes (as always, sporadic) — and thanks to Anchor’s 3.0 release, I can make podcasts faster (take note: they even fulfilled my dream of having my podcast available on iTunes Store — I mean, Apple Podcasts).

Here’s the episodes so far:

I was talking about MNL48 and the Conditional Access on Digital TV in my pilot episode. Enjoy the first episode that started my podcasting activities all over again.

The second episode had me recording from Yaoi Expo in the late afternoon (my first visit to it). After recording it, I actually stayed there until they’re all packed out as I am hanging out with the fastfood crew.

The latest episode has me recording from what happens to be a dance practice in Pasig City, talking about a year-old column of a community newspaper in Cagayan de Oro which resurfaced on my Facebook news feed, plus other events that I will be attending (but who knows????????)

I will be more active into podcasting as I target to post 10 podcasts this month, and I invite you to listen to my ramblings (and even share your thoughts, recorded) via the Anchor app or on

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