Our second podcast for the month of March features MaDe-paisen, a.k.a. Matthew Marcelo.

He’s been coding for so long that when a comment on a Reddit board pissed him off so much, he had built the Good VTuber Subs bot on Twitter.

This, among his other projects, shows how he is an “otaku for others.”

This discussion talks about the recently-held Fandom February as well as the Good VTuber Subs in general.

Audio version available this March 19, 12 noon on anchor.fm/keepsakes or wherever you listen to.

keepsakes.: The Podcast supports Mr. Speedy – book a delivery now and use the offer code KEEPSAKESMRSPEEDY to get $1 off on your first delivery: http://podlink.co/wgq

Matthew Marcelo / Madekuji-san / MaDe-paisen: http://madekuji.github.io / https://mdkj.dev/

Fandom February VOD Archive: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH-eVHv2FF2Vcm0b_MYLl3w

Host / Production / Editing: Jay Agonoy