Some places don’t allow it, some says it’s risky, but it’s a desperate measure that can help us get away from the hell that is traffic

Alright, people, settle down.

Setting aside the risks of riding in motorcycles, it’s still indisputable that they help us getaway from the living, breathing hell that is the metro traffic. I rarely ride habal-habal due to the risks but when I need to, it means I’m running out of time and I don’t want to disappoint myself with the time that I have promised to others.

Riding in these is not cheap — they charge 100 pesos for each ride — but as you look into my videos, you can see that even I am able to get to my destination in around 15 minutes or so.

You can stick your head in the window and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I can’t take this anymore” to this horrendous traffic or you can spare your resources once in a while and think of the time lost. Commuting every day has been frustrating to me especially as I lose trust in agencies that are serving us. In the end, we are forced to think about the things we can control on our own, and that’s what matters.

I thank the riders who bear with me as I become their de facto dashcam, narrating this abhorring situation that we have been experiencing for a long time. Cheers, everyone.