It’s been a long time since I joined a podcast — the last one was around September 2015

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(Click on the photo to listen to the Episode on YouTube)

Hi everyone!,

Just right after 2017 kicks in, The Reimaru Files has finished uploading their Year-Ender Events Review, of which I am a guest analyst. We talked about local events in the country — I’d like to give you a heads-up that in the first part, I was pretty much murky and not in my proper consciousness discussing about TOYCON (of which I am part of its staff), but nevertheless I shifted to what I’d like to talk about the best — Anime-related events.

The episode is on YouTube now, and it lasts for an hour. I recommend you to have a great time-based internet connection to listen to this; nevertheless, you can try saving the whole episode through the YouTube app for listening later on.

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Prior to this, I also guested in the third episode of the Anime Pilipinas Podcast “APN Conversations” with JM and Red; and we talked about industry-related stuff such as the Asian Television Awards (where Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is nominated for this year’s 2D Animation category), the Oscars™ (where your name. is being considered to be in the list of nominations for the Best Animated Film category), our take on Coldplay’s Manila ticket prices and the never-ending conundrum that is TV5 and what it could have done from our points of view.

I’m still waiting for a confirmation if this will be released as there were major updates on some of the news that we were talking about; hopefully that gets settled.

More than a year has already passed, I’m still rusty on podcasting (though coping up and trying to get my stand clearly), and I came in these shows unprepared; but these went well in the end, setting aside the times I “overstepped my professional capacity as a part of the events industry” for a persona that I used to be way way back before.

I look forward to be future podcasts, much witty and saner than these; but for now, listen to our ramblings in an effort to shed light on things.

In case you want to her my past podcasts during my time at Deremoe, here’s a quick recap of the best episodes we have.

Happy New Year, everyone! Enjoy the rest of the Sunday.