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Hi, everyone. To be honest, I wasn’t able to pick a better title for this post, but let me tell you that yours truly were among the ones who are granted by Otakuzine Anime Magazine to do an interview with Japanese band FLOW during Ozine Fest 2016’s first day.

Let’s get to the questions that the media have asked FLOW before they met their fans on this quick post. This is just a quick gist, so don’t expect much.

How did you find Filipino fans so far?

The band hasn’t met them yet (they did afterwards), but there are a lot of Filipino fans commenting on their social media pages and band would like to meet them.

What is music for FLOW?

To the band, music is their life and energy.

What was your impression when you came to the Philippines?

“It’s so hot.” Our comrade Ray-an from AnimePH Project explained that this is the first time the country got so hot like this — by so hot I mean we’re almost “40 degrees celsius” hot. They also said that the sky is especially blue.

What are your musical inspirations?

They’re inspired by other musicians and the fans that enjoy what they do on stage.

What do you do when you’re writing a song?

They take into consideration the theme of the medium that they will compose a song to.

What have you felt after recording “COLORS”?

They did a South American tour and they saw signs that say “JIBUN WOOOOO,” and that’s where they felt that they’ve sent their message to the world. They were surprised when they saw that.

What do they feel about non-Japanese fans singing to their songs?

They feel glad about it, especially if that was the moment the ones listening to their music decided to learn more about the Japanese language

Which are your favorite songs that you sang?

Here’s some of their answers:

Will you have new songs?

They said they’re doing a song for Tales of Zestiria (the anime) and Tales of Berseria (the game). They also said to check their homepage for updates.

Do they focus on one Genre?

The band’s music is a mix of various genres, and they don’t focus on just only one genre.

Any messages to the fans? (Before the concert)

This is their first time in the country, and they will do their best to make the fans enjoy the moment. Hope that this won’t be the last.

FLOW’s blog now has a posts from their stay in the country. Thank you to the guys at Otakuzine for trusting me to join them in this interview, and thanks to AnimePH Project and the other guys who accompanied me to this.