Ha, I baited you somehow. But really, I don’t regret deciding not to focus on the rest of ESGS and simply place my eyes on this specific booth inside the Indie Arena because (1) I know the guy responsible for the following board games that I will be mentioning in this post and (2) it’s board games, y’all.

Take a look at the two board games I played at The Epic Gaming Regiment’s booth inside ESGS 2017.

Before we start, let me show you again the ESGS vlog I just published for my 7 Days, 7 Videos series. Enjoy.


I refer to this as the somewhat safe-for-work version of Cards Against Humanity. Let’s say this is “CARDS against ROMANCE” as this is aimed to romanticize every possible scenario it has.

For example, “Ilarawan ang iyong first love.” (Describe your first love)

  • Player A (shows up “Sabon”/soap): “Wait nadulas ako nung una ko siyang makita.” (Wait, I slipped up when I first met her)
  • Player B (shows up “Martilyo”/nail): “Masakit.” (It hurts)

I am also introduced to RefrigeRaiders, which is a great game for the young ones who are interested to play board games.

There’s a stack of cards face down, you have the option to raid (pick the topmost card in the deck), scout (pick three, leave one on top, place the other in the bottom and then offer the one you left to the other player) or just pass.

To cap off this post, I bring you a few photos from ESGS 2017. See you soon!

Special thanks to Thomas Regala and the whole TEGR team at ESGS. Special mention to @sillykonpeito though we didn’t meet there personally.