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Trust me, they have soft, pugon-made pandesal.

The Kamuning Bakery Cafe, an institution in Quezon City, serves as a venue for various occasions. This includes the Pandesal Forum and the World Pandesal Day.

I dreamt of visiting this historical bakery along Judge Jimenez St. in Quezon City (even just once), so when the opportunity comes, I’ll come and see for myself.

That opportunity came last Saturday.

Before we start: Prior to my visit here, I went to Eccentric Yet Happy’s law seminar for bloggers (but for some reason I am late and embarrassed by how I was late because the topic was so important and yet here I was).

The subject of the visit is the first activity of the Young Bloggers PH community led by Let’s Go Sago and Digital Circles’ Jonel Uy. I usually refer to him as Sir Jonel, as he is a veteran in the community. I meet Sir Jonel in most blogging events, proving that this community is a small world.

Now to the fun part: I got to meet Sir Wilson Lee Flores. He’s a busy man — he writes a business column for The Philippine STAR, is the owner of the bakery and its satellite branch at SM City North EDSA. He joined us in his spare time and even had a selfie with us. He even shares his good experience with Sir Jonel in a few occasions.

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The activity is a brief Blogging 101 seminar that was held around 2:30pm on that Saturday. Among us is someone who is interested to start her blog. The rest of us who had been into blogging then started to share our experiences.

Of course, I shared my experience and lessons with passion.

After the seminar, Sir Wilson even allowed us to tour the inside of the bakery, especially the brick oven (pugon) that was built in the 1930s and is still being used until now. The soft, pugon-baked pandesal that made them an institution is so good, you can eat it any way — with pancit, or just plain.

I like the ambiance of the cafe. The glass windows are worthy for nostalgic Instagramming (depending on the settings). The books are in the shelf, ready to be read by a reader who would like to take time off and relax.

Actually, the bakery has its cafe and a shop for takeaways, which is ok for fellow blogger Ms. Hazel as her mom requests her to buy bread there.

Even for a brief time, I was able to enjoy my experience at Kamuning Bakery Cafe, and looking forward to be there again soon.

Thank you Sir Wilson for being with us, and thank you Sir Jonel for inviting yours truly to join all of you at Young Bloggers PH.