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A screenshot from Shōjotachi wa Kōya o Mezasu or “Girls beyond the Wasteland.”

Koya is defined as “Wasteland” by Shōjotachi wa Kōya o Mezasu (Shokomeza).

If we are to mock the Visayans’ (who are supposed to be superior than Imperial Manila but is at its state because of political and cultural reasons) way of speaking Tagalog, we can hear ‘kuya’ (brother) as ‘koya’.

I was thinking of a name for my Vaporwave tracks, and so I came up with KOYAJ (lit. Wasteland Jay, “Jay of the Wasteland”). The ‘wasteland’ is defined by Shokomeza as the anime/manga/game/whatchamacallit fanbase — a place where we can delve into our passions. You can call it Akiba if you want.

That’s my Soundcloud, and here are my current tracks.

The first track that I posted on SoundCloud was supposed to be a trip move for fans of “Beyond the Boundary” and “Kiniro Mosaic” where Risa Taneda have roles on both series.

The second track is a spliced-up, slowed-down, part of the Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu soundtrack, inspired by Vaporwave. So is the following track below.

My latest one (posted earlier) is a mashup inspired by “Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash” where Mikako Komatsu (Yume) and Haruka Terui (Shihoru) were both into.

Before Grimgar, Mikako is what we know as Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi) and her Mk.II Hotaru Tachibana (Aoharu x Machinegun); and I know Haruka as Kobeni Yonomori (Engaged to the Unidentified) and Yuuki Yuuna.

The two songs, TRICK BOX (Komatsu) and Tomadoi→Recipe (Terui, as part of Mikakuning!) have almost the same music arrangements, so I popped up my Audacity to test mashing these two songs up. It didn’t work, so I went to use Vegas Pro 10. The middle part was a bit off, but I’m looking forward to improve that once I have a copy of Tomadoi→Recipe’s instrumental version.

I’m looking forward to upload more tracks SoundCloud during my free time. I do hope SoundCloud survives in the long-term, because if not, I’ll have to put my tracks somewhere else.