Attention, Naruto fans! Cubinet Interactive (Cubizone) has invited us to join them at Movie Stars Cafe in Quezon City as they introduce to the local media their newest licensed online game Naruto Slugfest last December 03.

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Naruto Slugfest game features

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Described as the world’s First 3D OPEN WORLD ACTION MMORPG MOBILE GAME, Naruto Slugfest is the mobile game adaptation of Naruto Shippuden, with 4 player classes to choose from. From what I understood, the game will also have solo quests, group and guild confrontations. Aside from this, the game has its own day & night and weather settings to complement the nostalgic Naruto look and feel.

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Rein Magbanua of Cubinet Interactive told the media how excited they are to release the game: “We are all here to meet the world’s first Naruto 3D Open World MMORPG Mobile Game Adaptation of Naruto Shippuden. This project has been very exciting for our team, and we aim to bring the same feeling of nostalgia, excitement, and entertainment to the players […]”

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Also in the event is notable cosplayer Jin Joson who is the special community representative for the said event. In addition, lucky guests got their fair share of prizes including figures from Greattoysonline.

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Aside from the Philippines, Cubizone will be distributing the game to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, Philippines, India, and other Southeast Asian countries. Naruto Slugfest is set to have its closed beta test (CBT) by January 2020.

Visit Cubizone on Facebook for more updates on the upcoming mobile game. Thank you to Cubizone for the invitation.

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