After a long wait, the Murasaki7 team at Chamoji sent a letter to keepsakes. to inform us that the puzzle anime RPG is now available on both Android and iOS devices. Previously, we featured the game as well as its Angels brought to life at Cosplay Mania last year.

Murasaki7 is an Anime Puzzle-RPG genre with an in-game manga series and over 200 levels, cute anime girls, legendary weapons, PVP and PVE game modes. Players are to match 3 to win epic battles
and quests!

Murasaki7 Story Mode

Original Manga

Murasaki7’s Story Mode gives you an exclusive 200+ manga, helping you discover planet Gaia XV further. Unlock the manga as you progress and reach higher levels.

Arena Game Mode

PVP Arena

Reach Level 5 to access the PvP “Arena Game Mode,” compete with players of the same matchmaking rating, and climb the rankings to become Champions! Rewards are given to those who have a higher MMR tier daily and weekly.

A chance to get your 5-star Murasaki7 Angel!

Themed Angels

Take your pick – Idol outfits, Japanese kimonos, School uniforms, and summer bikinis! There’s a variety of Murasaki7 characters to get, and you can power them up too.

As part of the Grand Opening, all players will be given a one-time chance to get a 5-star character of their choice through Guaranteed Recruit, a gacha feature that gives players 15 maximum re-rolls until they confirm which
Angel they want.

Murasaki7 Login Rewards: Legendary Weapons!

Legendary Weapon Events

Legendary Weapons allows players to have higher team power with its additional attack or health points and its unique skills, which can help team strategy. Players can equip and enhance these weapons and accessories which they can get from gacha, events, and Story mode.

The Murasaki7 team also prepared several events such as the 7-Day Login Rewards where players can get one of the legendary weapons for FREE.

Early Access players will each receive an appreciation gift of US $100 worth of in-game items, as newly created accounts will be given the “Welcome to Gaia” Gift Pack priced at US $200.

Aside from these additional rewards given to players, upgrading of characters are made easier by increasing the EXP obtained by items.

More Rewards and Bug Fixes coming to Murasaki7

To cap off, the Murasaki7 team has this to say:

“We were able to gather important feedback from the early stages of Murasaki7 allowing us to make changes to the game. To improve the game, our team had to make a more dynamic puzzle and make it more rewarding for players for a pleasant gaming experience. Now we’re ready to go!”

Murasaki7 is available on Google Play and App Store. Check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Discord for more information.

Game Requirements

  • iOS: iPhone 6s+ and later versions
  • Android OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow / Memory: 3GB; Android 9.0 Pie / Memory: 4GB [Recommended]

I’ve invited our colleague Reikisha to play the game and I shall get back to him in the coming days to know his thoughts.