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Last Sunday, I was at SMX Manila for the Asia Pop Comicon with a list of things to do: See Shoji Kawamori of the Macross fame, meet the pair of Ping Ong and SJ de Ocampo of Team Eurika 愛, watch the live monster Serena Kozuki on stage, and visit the MNL48 booth; that’s how I revolved in.

Thankfully, all of it had been accomplished. Even for me who is lacking sleep, my experience went well. My latest vlog says so.

To give you a fuller view of my experience, let’s get a breakdown of what has happened to me there.

Shoji Kawamori

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When Shoji Kawamori was announced as a guest at the APCC, we could not believe at first — as for me, it’s just when I saw his video announcement that I am convinced that YES, HE WILL BE HERE, and YES, I WANT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH HIM.

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What I can relate to Kawamori the most is the way he creates stuff. From a tape dispenser that is turned upside down, to the shape and form of a skier in action, he was able to create spaceships — and the rest is history.

When I was a young boy living in Antipolo, I found a few bricks at one corner of the backyard, and in just a few hours or so I turned that corner into a shopping complex. I also remember that one time where I cut parts of boxes to create a “bridgeway” connecting two boxes, much like that one at SM City Taytay. I’m trying to rekindle those memories each time I pass by Toy Kingdom at Megamall to play with LEGO bricks, and that is beautiful.

Team Eurika 愛

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On the leftmost was cosplayer Izabel Cortez, who cosplayed Lady Punisher later during the event.

When Ping and SJ from Team Eurika 愛 (our country’s representative to the World Cosplay Summit 2015) announced they will fly to Manila from Davao to attend APCC, I quickly booked a schedule for a short interview, and welcomed them again to Manila.


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When I was at the MNL48 booth, I am welcomed by women donning the white MNL48 t-shirt, and one of them interacted with me. I told one of them that I am a supporter (voter) and I already had an account at mnl48.ph, which led to the lady asking me to vote for her colleague.

This led me to think that I am now with the selected trainees for the group. I was proven wrong as soon as this hits social media. Well, that happening can be anticlimactic after all.

My friend Wiljanz (aka The Protektor) from Do it for the Aidols asked the MNL48 rep on standby a few questions, and here’s his take:

Serena Kozuki

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My newfound friend Rico with Serena Kozuki. I think he’s among the few people who follow SEREchu through and through.

Speaking of idols, we now move to Serena Kozuki. The first time I saw her is at the main stage, with all of these cameras flocking over — so of course, as the documentarist that I am (heh), I joined the flock and was able to record a few clips of the live… just for a few moments though, because I joined Rayan and Guia from AnimePH and OMG Komiks respectively to cheer for SEREchu.

I have nothing much to say about SEREchu until I met her with Wiljanz and Rico around the lobby after the event. I was saying that this year’s APCC felt lacking to me, but having to meet Serena Kozuki and shake hands with Shoji Kawamori in person, I think that’s enough.

…and now, the Cosplayers.

We’re down to the last part of this post, so scroll away and check if I got a picture of your cosplay.

The next event that I’m looking forward to is the first day of Cosplay Mania 2017 as Konomi Suzuki will have her concert there. Looking forward to see you there!