Otasuke Cosplay Festival 2022 on April 23-24

We are witnessing the return of physical events – and as we speak, two venues are taking charge of bringing back the glorious days of cosplay conventions. One of which is the OtaCute, who will hold its Otasuke Cosplay Festival on the weekend of April 23-24, 2022.

The two-day event will have Karaoke and Cosplay competitions, as well as performances from guests and Otasuke ambassadors. The Maid Cafe also returns after a successful run last month.

One of the things I physically miss in the cosplay community so much is the Cosplay Runway. At this event, Otasuke ambassadors—most of them are known in the community even before the pandemic—will strut their way on stage. I’m sure our shutter-happy selves will have a field day taking photos.

Tickets for the event are available on site (Php199 per day / Php349 for 2-day pass) or at Ticket2Me.net (additional charge applies): https://ticket2me.net/e/34799/tickets

A look back at OtaCute and the Otasuke app

Otasuke Anisong Festival 2022 held last March 20
AiDreamin!’s first performance as their own characters at the 2022 Otasuke Anisong Festival last March 20.

This month’s Otasuke Cosplay Festival will still be held at the grounds of Laperal YOU.Suites strategically located around the University Belt in Recto Avenue, Manila. We started featuring events from OtaCute since the restrictions on crowds loosened up last year.

Otasuke Anisong Festival 2022 held last March 20
Otasuke Anisong Festival 2022 performers DNE and Bella6ix.

OtaCute holds events in the said location on a mostly monthly basis. Last March, Otacute held its Otasuke Anisong Festival there:

Just recently, OtaCute got a Series A investment from Next Chymia Consulting HK through a third-party allocation of shares. At the same time, OtaCute formed a business partnership with Cure’s Cosplay Token, which hints at Otasuke community app’s use of Cure’s COT in the future.

What we’re going to do at the Otasuke Cosplay Festival

Otasuke Cosplay Festival from February 2022

We will definitely have fun roaming around and taking photos (and videos of cosplayers! Watch out for that mic as I’ll be reaching out to participants. Afterwards, you’ll see our snapshots on Facebook and our video series on YouTube. See you there!

keepsakes. is a media partner for the 2022 Otasuke Cosplay Festival powered by OtaCute.