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This photo is taken 30 minutes before iBlog13, the Philippine Blogging Summit, started.

Presenting to you my latest speaking engagement — plus, my half-day #iBlog13 experience

Last Saturday was iBlog 13, the 13th Philippine Blogging Summit at the UP College of Law’s Malcom Theatre. Among the speakers for the first half of the summit is yours truly, and for those who missed out on the best half of this year’s iBlog, here’s a recap:

  1. SavingsPinay’s Izza Glino pointed out that Personal Finance can also be applied to a blog post — this got me thinking, I did those things where I address the profit-and-loss of my visit to one event five years ago (maybe I should rewrite that here).
  2. Justine LT Chua’s shookt, her talk is shookt, and she’s awesome. (What you see on her Twitter is a study on how to make your content unique and authentic).
  3. Questions are raised during the three-panel discussion on setting up a bloggers’ organization with Noem Lardizabal-Dado, Tonyo Cruz and Jane Uymatiao — and take this, even if all three are calm and have valid points, I can see fire within their souls, clashing as they present their points of view. (I’m on Jane’s side.)

For my talk, I shared to the audience the concept of putting your content in multiple platforms. This is directed to new blogs who would like to gain authority in their niche. Summarizing my talk (as you can see on my deck)

  1. Know your topics
  2. Know your readers
  3. (For reviewers) Put your reviews on user-generated platforms

For those who want to see the talk in full detail, I requested rayan to record the talk, and here’s the full ordeal:

Once again, thank you to Ms. Janette Toral and iBlog (UP College of Law — Office of the Associate Dean and the UP Law Internet & Society Program) for giving me another opportunity to speak.

As always, looking forward to participate in future iBlogs (even if I can’t beat Kel Fabie’s consistent attendance record).