This is a reply to Anastasia Basil’s Medium story about, particularly on the section on “Killing Stalking.” hope I can help give context.—–e1a45f90fbf5———————-

Thank you for sharing your story. I would like to first give context on #killingstalking as I continue scrolling through the post.

To put it short, Killing Stalking has been the talk of the town as it is an award-winning series (having been the Grand Prize winner at the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest).

As a webtoon (or we can say comics that can be read online), the story goes like this:

As with the case of Doki Doki Literature Club, Killing Stalking had already told its readers that it has unsuitable content, yet they still patronize it. I can only assume that those fans who are showing up on reallly love it. I can say this though: No, it’s not an emo-themed series, but yes, it is dark-themed.

I’m not going to emphasize further that this features boys’ love, which is among the common themes in popular Eastern media. I for one have been immersed in such themes (in my case, girls’ love).

While I’m not a parent myself, I understand your perspective and really appreciate coming out to share it. On my end, I also believe that you need someone to back you up — these days we won’t listen to our parents’ advice that much unless it’s said by someone who’s much closer to us.