RFTalk Fanservice

I co-hosted the recent Reimaru Files’ RF Talk Podcast about too much fanservice in conventions, what are suggested to be done to avoid public indecency, what has changed over time and what we can learn from a single tweet video that has spread all over the internet.

I don’t know about the viral fella, but let me share the video in question (not safe for work, of course).

Joining the podcast are cosplayers Tita Storm, Tita Rells and Ate Bianca. The podcast is long, but I hope you stay tuned until the end. This podcast episode is an insightful wake-up call for every one of us.

The topic may have been kind of unsettling at some times, but this conversation has to be done with the future of the community and outsiders’ assumption in mind.

Thank you Tito Chad for having me in this in podcast. I’m looking forward to returning to podcasting very, very soon, and this is a good kick-start.