After a long period of preparation which also passed through the pandemic lockdown, Cafeterium Chaldeas hosted its first major cosplay ball Soiree Fortuna at Pavilion de La Castellana in Intramuros, Manila last Sunday, December 3.

Soiree Fortuna welcomed cosplayers dressed up as characters not only from the namesake Chaldean dimension (Fate/Grand Order) but also from other franchises such as Genshin Impact, recognizing the immense popularity of both titles.

More than 20 guest cosplayers played their role in the Grand Summons as characters from various gacha games:

  • The Fool – Venti, Genshin Impact (Himmel del Lyria)
  • The Magician – Da Vinci, Fate/Grand Order (Aki Kagawa)
  • The High Priestess – Yae Miko, Genshin Impact (Geneva)
  • The Empress – Ningguang, Genshin Impact (Angela Firmalo Limen)
  • The Emperor – Zhongli, Genshin Impact (ReiChuu Owo)
  • The Hierophant – Wonder, Persona 5 (Cholo Tolentino)
  • The Lovers – Elysia, Honkai Impact 3rd (AC Cosplay)
  • The Chariot – Leona Kingscholar, Twisted Wonderland (Korin)
  • The Strength – Kaeya Alberich, Genshin Impact (ELIJ)
  • The Hermit – Keine Kamishirasawa, Touhou (Haru)
  • Wheel of Fortune – Scaramouche/Wanderer, Genshin Impact (Miri Kirkland)
  • Justice – Al-Haitham, Genshin Impact (Zen)
  • The Hanged Man – Kadoc Zemlupus, Fate/Grand Order (Geoff Sese)
  • Death – Sandalphon, GranBlue Fantasy (MakeItRhaine)
  • Temperance – Noshiro, Azur Lane (Hani Cosplay)
  • The Devil – Belial, GranBlue Fantasy (Amon Rei)
  • The Tower – Blade, Nu: Carnival (Mori Altin)
  • The Star – Mika Kagehira, Ensemble Stars (Akiwa)
  • The Moon – Veliona, Honkai Impact 3rd (Rei)
  • The Sun – Seele, Honkai Impact 3rd (Patorishia)
  • Judgement – Ganyu, Genshin Impact (Yana)
  • The World – Snow, Promise of Wizard (NAMI)
  • King of Heroes, Gilgamesh from Fate/Grand Order (Neroximus)

Given that this is a cosplay ball, each Grand Summon was picked as a partner during the event, with each guest enjoying their time with them. This is on top of several participants who are altogether recognized as Masters, channeling the role originated in the Fate/ series.

Masters are treated to sumptuous treats (such as the meatloaf which became a name for itself), good music (with the help of DJ NicDroid) and an unforgettable experience (as captured by its multimedia partners).

Sandalphon, Ganyu, Kaeya and Wonder were also summoned to perform on stage, which is then complimented by the audience’s appreciation to each of the performers. Not only that, some Masters are recognized for playing their part, cosplay-wise:

  • Arianel’s Blessing
    The Master who has shown grace and aesthetic through cosplay and makeup.
    Judge: Ms. Liz Bocobo of Tear Aesthetic Haute
    Winner: FreeXa
  • Elegance Award
    The Master who perfectly showcased their character’s grace and elegance
    Judge: Mr. Julius Patrick Apud, Chairman, Elegance Photo Consortium
    Winner: Xia Chi
  • Supernova
    The Master who joined The Trail of Stars Cosplay Catwalk, perfectly presenting themselves as their character on stage
    Judges: Katiecakey, Ms. Reesh of RaiChi Studios, and Araya of Cafeterium Chaldeas
    Winner: Katharsis Qos
  • Altair and Vega
    The King and Queen of Soiree Fortuna
    Judge: Katiecakey
    Winners: Chiaki Momo (Altair) and Arisu Al-Asim (Vega)

Soiree Fortuna is the third installment of Cafeterium Chaldeas, a group of day job professionals aiming to bring guests joy through organizing fun yet sustainable events. Originally organizing Fate-centric events, the group yearned to create fresh event formats where cosplayers can enjoy themselves together. Soiree Fortuna aimed to become a magical night for its guests to express their creativity, passion, and love for the community.

keepsakes. has been present in previous Cafeterium Chaldeas events, both of which have been recorded in the posts below.

Special thanks to Cafeterium Chaldeas for having keepsakes. as a media partner for Soiree Fortuna, and to Exosia Project for providing the photos included in this post.