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Here’s what you may have missed from this precious landmark

I posted pictures from January here, and one of the photos I’ve posted is about a landmark in the City of Pasig.

Never in my wildest dreams will I get to step inside that tower that I’m just looking from far away. The Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig, of which I am a member, was invited by the City Government to partake in the half-day filled with awe and nostalgia.

Coro Pasigueño, the City’s ensemble band.

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The Revolving Tower, then called the Mutya ng Pasig Tower, was built almost five decades ago — in 1974, during the administration of Mayor Emiliano Caruncho. It died down in the 80’s though; then after three decades or so, it gets back on its feet and ready to cater to Pasigueños. It features improved amenities, including the revolving restaurant that is its main attraction.

Prior to the reopening, the only revolving restaurant in the metro we know is the one at the MDC 100 tower just beside the Eastwood City entrance in Libis, Quezon City. This is the same with Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas, who wanted to see how the Pasig Revolving Tower is being built:

The Before [left] and After [right] of the Revolving Tower, which has its own hashtag — #Rebirth2016.

Coro Pasigueño, the City’s ensemble band.

City Vice Mayor Iyo Caruncho Bernardo [left] and Mayora Maribel Andaya Eusebio [right] at the unveiling of the marker commemorating the reopening of the City’s Revolving Tower.

The reopened Tower will house the Market Admin and Tourism Offices, as well as the Museum of Local and Modern Art (MOLMA). It also has a mini-park and a Grand View Deck, in which you can take photos like these:

Splendid, wonderful, whatever you may call it, these moments are for keeps.

I wish I could’ve done a better Facebook live video from the viewing deck and the revolving restaurant (which was upgraded to turn around 15 minutes slower from its previous 1-hour turnaround), but that’s to be saved for later once I get there again. There’s an event venue inside the Tower, so if you want to gather up your friends and family, you may try there — just get in touch with the City Government for more information.