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I got a lot of content being churned out on YouTube and Anchor. Here’s some of it:

I’ve just had a podcast with JM Melegrito of Anime Pilipinas last week, and now we proceed to Cebu’s Gary Montejo. Next week will be Serena from The Lily Cat — and following that is a feature on the country’s first Anime Idol Convention held last January 13.

A lot has been going on, and I just got used to churning on podcasts sporadically, so you’d better subscribe to the podcast: http://anchor.fm/keepsakes.

Speaking of Anime Idol Convention, you can watch the highlights first on Facebook.

If you noticed, I just bought an external mic so I don’t look like I’m shouting at ya guys on video. If not for my mom who always tell me that I’m loud, I’d not buy this.

The thing is, I’ve got the opportunity to buy this just in time for AICon, so yeah, great news for me. Even Tanchikon congratulated me for having an external mic.

I will be releasing a video featuring the Gala Night of PPOP Generation: Boom Ganda!, which was held at its home turf Teatrino Greenhills San Juan last January 08.

I’ll just need more time to edit this because I’m really sure that how they answered it may have triggered my fancy. Just you wait, guys — I’m going to tell you why this group is a challenge to MNL48 without me saying a word.

That’s all it for now, guys. Cheers!