Ateneo de Manila-based independent otaku organization Touyou no Shinjuu (Toushin) held its second Toucon Online last weekend (June 17-19). The event, considered as the country’s first student-organized online otaku event during this pandemic, presented activities catered to cosplayers, console gamers and anime fans alike. It was attended by over a hundred fans on Discord, and was viewed hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitch.

Which Segments I’ve Watched at TouCon Online 2022?

One of their segments on Day 1 is pretty unique – a Wikipedia speed run where the fastest who can reach a certain article wins. The fastest speed run recorded went from Among Us to Manga in just 10 seconds.

A fighting game competition was held on Day 2, but I also happened to see the Open Room segments where I watched the Live2D and crochet discussions. Going back to the fighting game tourney, the commentators made the Smash Bros. game tourney hilariously entertaining.

The Cosplay Competition on Day 3 is something else. The competitors are really playing their role even as the judges ask them questions. It’s been a long time since I gave my attention to this segment, because no matter who these cosplayers are, their role-playing takes me back to the good old days.

Imagine Anya Forger being put in the hot seat akin to her entrance exam interview, Daredevil speaking words of prose and power, and Yun Jin performing for the audience. I don’t mind the technicalities of online events, especially on Discord, I’m simply enjoying each of them. Anya got third place, Daredevil got second place, and Yun Jin was hailed the champion.

Hosts Tou-chan and Shin-kun did end the event on an open note, as this will probably be the last TouCon Online. This could mean that they may hold physical events in the future.

While the events season is in full swing (I’ve just been through 5 physical events this month alone), I am reminded that TouCon Online and their other event Fandom February were there to fill the need for otaku events at a time where these are not allowed to be held physically.

TouCon Online 2022: Winners for the Cosplay Competition alongside judges
Winning cosplays strike a pose alongside the judges and the rest of the TouCon Online team. (Captured from Twitch)

Hats off to the team at Toushin for making this possible, and thank you for having me as one of your media partners.