Voting is until April 14, 2019 — read on for more details

It’s the 4th edition of the Otaku Choice Awards held by Naruto Cosplayers during their annual Pinoy Otaku Festival — actually, the last one they did is around 2015.

This also marks my fourth straight year of nomination (the last three was with the then Deremoe), and so I decided to campaign keepsakes. in a bid to win the coveted award (with your vote, of course).

It’s actually the first time I campaigned for such, so bear with me as I share you my “political party,” because it’s not just me who is taking part in this.

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All the endorsements that you see here are mine, and I have picked them accordingly.

I have this Facebook Album of sorts which will describe each and every endorsement I have raised, so do check them out if you’re curious as to why I picked them.

VOTE HERE (until April 14):

A vote for each of my “political allies” is a vote for the keepsakes. party. Let’s make this count! #VOTEkeepsakes.