VTuber Budots 1

Tiktok is an incubator for banger beats such as “You Know I’ll Go Get” which is based on Enrique Iglesias’ “Finally Found You,” or Jason Derulo’s “Savage Love.” We all know it as the home to wacky stuff. Here’s the thing: Does anyone know what they’re really dancing to?

For example, Kizuna Ai danced to budots.


やだあああ!!!!私も踊るうううう!!!! #tiktokph #foryoupage

♬ bunyi asal – Sis_Phindik – Sis_Phindik

“Kiat Jud Dai” is a track by DJ Red Core posted in 2018. I just wonder why the heck it was not available on Spotify Philippines.

“Sayaw Mga Choy” is another hit budots track. This one’s mixed by DJ Danz.

Budots started in Camus, an area in Davao City. There’s even a Wikipedia entry for this. Below is the video that started this madness:

Just like any other music video made in Hollywood, this one has that sexualized tone, but I can’t help but laugh. I can even just put the music in the background on loop. To them, this is how things started.

The exact track has been used on broadcast TV and even in a political ad (hate to admit, it led to that candidate returning to the Senate just by using the track). Did I forgot to mention the President danced to it too?

I remembered watching a short documentary about it from August 2019. (Here’s the trailer for the docu. Now here’s a feature on that docu.)

Now that you know Budots, it’s time to find any VTuber on Tiktok dancing to the tune. This is a live-blog, and it will stay up.