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I thank myself for remembering that there’s a special exhibit at the SM Megamall ART Center yesterday — and it so happens that it’s an exhibition by a supporter of President Duterte.

It’s called “Adventures in Digongland,” featuring artworks not just related to President Duterte, but also to current events.

The artworks are bizaare and quirky, but the descriptions posted beside these artworks are funny and witty.

Considering the topic of choice, no doubt, it was really well-attended. It might came to a point where I ask myself “If I were to make something similar to this, I’m sure it will be attended since it’s Duterte that we’re talking about,” but no, let’s not get there.

There’s also this set called “Mamasapano” which reflects on the SAF 44 and so on.

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As art is subjective, the appreciation differs; but I appreciate “Digongland” and “Lika kape tayo” for its relevance. I also liked how the artist, H.U. Sison described both works in text.

Actually, the exhibit had its last day yesterday, and GMA News was there to check it out. Hopefully, this exhibit goes to different places as stated by Mr. Sison himself in the interview.