keepsakes 2.0 Imgur

It’s a dawn of a new era.

keepsakes. has been running for years on its old platform because I felt that I’m not looking forward to scaling up. This solo project has been an archive to many events in and out of the country.

I’ve made friends all over the place, if I say so myself.

My decision to move to a new platform (actually, this is the platform that I’ve gotten used to before) is because I felt Medium is not being developed well. Aside from wanting to jump to mobile-first platforms such as AMP and Instant Articles, I do want to participate in their partner program.

The thing is they use Stripe for payments – and Stripe is not available yet in the country. I gave it a long thought, and decided that I’ll be the one to adjust.

After building the framework, alongside many nights migrating the posts under my repository, keepsakes 2.0 is launched on a Saturday night of September 21. I never thought I’ll be able to import the posts successfully into the new platform, but here we are.

Like any other birth, it has its pains. keepsakes 2.0 still has a lot to sort out, but we’ll get there eventually. For now, I’ll commit myself to sharing more stuff as we make this space sustainable in the long run.

I’d like to give my deepest appreciation to Pat (DV1YDT) for the assistance in building keepsakes 2.0 despite his busy schedule. Also, thank you for taking your time reading this post. Salamat po!