Girl, we watch anime because we don’t want drama — so it feels awkward when you say this.

A brief backgrounder on my watchlist

Alrighty guys — here’s some of the series that I am watching after work, because anime is life. Let me know if you can guess my taste in anime for this season by responding here on Medium. Catch you all later!

Ren’ai Bou-kun has a catchy opening theme (thank you Wake Up, Girls!), has a Nunu and Harami in it, and Yoppi has her own first main character debut aside from WUG and Scorching Ping Pong Girls. Its first few moments are enjoyable and funny, but I am afraid that the story might turn bland and repetitive — let’s see how long I will go for this.

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Sakura Quest, P.A.Works’ latest series is a must-watch. There’s Ueshama, Chika Anzai, Moyochi (mmmm Eupho — , dejoke), and Vinay Murthy (who in 2010 did a stand-up comedy skit that is still relevant today and will be relevant forever unless Japan pop changed its mind). Now, the question is this — will the mini-kingdom’s previous visitor be successful in revitalizing it?


The World Cosplay Summit anime ID-0, while in CG (I watched Kemono Friends which is also a CG anime so you’d better think twice on hitting on that aspect), has an interesting first episode. I plan to stick on this one as well. (I hereby solemnly swear that Ari Ozawa has an odd role here).